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Preparing for Catholic Apostleship

It’s, in a way, edifying to see Jehovah’s Witnesses, almost always in a pair, decently dressed, with pamphlets in multiple languages, ready to speak about their religion with anyone passing by — even though most of the time the only talking they do is with themselves. This is what conviction […]

Take Advantage of Streaming

Lessons from the “Pandemic” Enough time has passed to realize what a very great blessing the “pandemic” was. People realized how fragile their assumptions were and made adjustments to how they managed their household needs, including perhaps becoming less dependent on the corporate supply chain. They also saw the power […]

Take Calendars to the Next Level

In this occasional series we share business ideas that we think could do well and offer some tips for positioning in the market. We are also willing to offer any Catholic working on these ideas a free 30-minute coaching session (click here). The previous article in the series looked at […]

The Audacity of Laypeople

Clericalism is Good At AMDG Ventures we consider ourselves unapologetically clericalist. This means that we support our clergy, even when it is against our own inclinations or opinions. Many laypeople are understandably hurt and wounded from what they may have experienced since 1965. The oldest among us feel a deep […]

Managing the Dual Income Dilemma

Here at AMDG Ventures we think that one of the great ongoing attacks against the family and the authority of the husband is a wife and mother in the workplace. While we know sometimes circumstances are such that this has to be borne, the Internet has provided not just an […]

Trad Thirst Traps

In our previous article we lamented the rise of the Professional Catholic. We did not, at the time, note that these creatures tend to be male. There is a female equivalent, though, and these are Trad Thirst Trappers. For the older generation, this term might seem foreign. Indeed, it’s part […]

The Rise of the Professional Catholic

In our last article we spoke about the need for laymen to take the initiative when it comes to Catholic Action. Don’t wait for the clergy to start projects. Ask them for input and guidance and supervision, but don’t expect them to use their nonexistent marginal free time to build […]