Take Advantage of Streaming

Lessons from the “Pandemic”

Enough time has passed to realize what a very great blessing the “pandemic” was.

People realized how fragile their assumptions were and made adjustments to how they managed their household needs, including perhaps becoming less dependent on the corporate supply chain.

They also saw the power of working from home and realized they didn’t want to go back to hour long commutes each way.

For others it was an impetus to abandon the modernist “clergy” who showed their true colors once again through a carelessness for anything beyond self-isolating.

Put perhaps most unexpectedly, streaming Masses and other devotions, formerly in the background, came right to the foreground. This was (and is) a particular blessing for those who do not have ready access to Mass and the sacraments.

Streaming Reminds Us of the Power of Christ’s Sacrifice

We are always being reminded in our spiritual reading that we are never alone at Mass. The Church Suffering, the poor souls in purgatory, await refreshment. The Church Triumphant, the souls in heaven, gather around in adoration. And we, the Church Militant, are witness to no less than Calvary, captured for us right now as it was then.

While some may prefer to read their missal in the quiet of their own particular place dedicated to such an exercise, following the Mass on a stream connects you to a Mass being celebrated at the same time you are watching it. Those people, whether a few hours’ drive or half a world away, are listening to the same words you are, perhaps making some of the same petitions to God, going through the same spiritual exercises. 

Streaming can be a reminder, particularly to those more isolated souls, that they are not alone.

Of course, watching a streaming Mass is not the same as attending a Mass, but it’s important to remember that you get out of the Mass what you bring to it. Someone who has access to the Mass all the time, may, unfortunately, take it for granted and be less attentive, despite being in-person to the Holy Sacrifice.

Others, so eager and happy to have access to streaming Masses, may bring with them a devotion that would put those in-person attendees to shame.

Streaming is a powerful weapon we can add to our modern spiritual arsenal. Some places, like Most Holy Trinity Seminary, offer livestreaming 24/7. You could easily dedicate a small tablet to this livestream and put it near your family altar and join in devotions and prayers outside of Sundays.

Another YouTube channel that offers regularly scheduled devotions in Marian Media Productions, which is attached to the chapel of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Fraser, Michigan.

The children of the world continue to use technology for their own “Great Reset.” Do we, the children of light, use it for our own edification and spiritual advancement?

We here at AMDG Ventures certainly hope and pray so.