April 2024 Book Selection:

The Mass (Dunney)

Father Joseph Dunney

Whether you have never assisted at the Traditional Latin Mass or have been doing so your whole life, this book has plenty to offer. The neophyte will be forever indebted to Providence for having put this book in his hands. As for the “veterans,” you’ll be left wishing you had read this book decades ago.

Are you fervent in your faith? Fr. Dunney will give you a greater depth of understanding. Are you lukewarm? Let Fr. Dunney pull you out of the spiritual doldrums. You don’t get anything out of Mass? Then, read this book.

Our challenge is to understand the Mass, participate in it and live by its lessons. Fr. Dunney will help you on all counts. Intellectually, by offering an authoritative explanation of the Roman liturgy, explaining every part of the Mass carefully and in depth, highlighting the priest’s role, vestments, altar vessels, and symbols. The text of the liturgy is presented in both Latin and English along with unique and fascinating insights into the history of the liturgy and the Church.

Loaded with examples from Holy Scripture and the lives of the saints, Fr. Dunney applies the lessons of the Mass to help you grow in virtue and character for a fuller spiritual life. More importantly, he will lead you to a true participation in the Mass, which is nothing less than the union of the soul with Christ as He represents on the altar the Sacrifice of Calvary.

Not accessible to the average Catholic, you say? Too mystical? Think again. Liturgical scholars and authorities are quoted throughout and 126 illustrations help to clarify important points. Each chapter ends with a series of review questions. Ideal for study, classes and homeschooling. The Mass is equally useful to the priest, seminarian, student, or layman.

375pp, index, 126 illustrations, softcover